Our vision originated in Monterrey (Mexico), when we realized that the real estate development sector required better solutions for road infrastructure with less negative impact in our environment. Celurock was born when we started looking for an eco-friendly solution that was also less expensive to install, had a low maintenance cost and at the same time looked more aesthetic.

Before we came along many of our customers sought out other alternatives in order to have an aesthetic product that didn´t have a negative impact in our environment. They had to resort to other solutions like the cellular concrete pavement but quickly realized that all the solutions were either expensive to maintain or didn´t give the aestetic finish they looked for. Our dream was born there: to offer the best gravel stabilizer product in pathways and roads.


Since then, all of us who form part of CELUROCK took on the task of identifying cutting-edge materials and a design that would fulfill our customers' expectations. We created a gravel stabilizer with a honeycomb structure (similar to honeycombs), which has a great capacity of vehicular load, is very esthetic and is also 100% permeable and recyclable. We are the best option for those who build roads and walkways in private homes, residential projects, hospitals, shopping centers, parks or any other developments. Celurock is manufactured in Monterrey. 

We are a team committed to this vision: to offer the best solution for gravel roads and pathways, a solution with high quality, with the best cost in the market and with a very attractive finish.


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Workspace Fundadores 109° 28 · Av. Fundadores 4001, Suite 612, Col. Del Paseo Residencial, Monterrey, Nuevo León, México. C.P.64920 

Tel   01 (81) 17 67 00 03

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