Celurock is a gravel stabilizing panel, which by its structure and material offer a great variety of benefits that makes it the best solution for permeable pathways.

  • 100% permeable

  • 100% recyclable

  • Eco-friendly

  • Contributes to groundwater quality.

  • Reduces our carbon footprint.

  • Allows the water back into the ground and into the underground aquifiers that help the ecosystem.

  • Significant reduction of surface erosion.

  • No weeds

  • Compatibility and harmony with ecologically sustainable developments.

  • No pollution: reduces global warming.

  • Help get points for the LEED Accreditation.

  • Stable surface without bumps or puddles.

  • Prevents the growth of weeds.

  • High capacity of vehicular load.

  • Allows walking on the gravel comfortably even in heels.

  • Eliminates footprints or marks that are left behind by the traffic of people, bicycles, wheelcharis, strollers or cars.

  • Low cost of maintenance.

  • Easy installation.

  • Does not allow gravel and the subsoil to mix.

  • It has a long life cycle.

  • Practically invisible panels.

  • Light and very strong panels.

  • Reduces flood risk.

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Arq. Javier Santana

Devas Paisaje

Celurock is a permeable material that can be used in transit areas and that is not only beautiful but also practical. I would highly recommend it because it gives an excellent image to the landscape, and although there are other permeable transit materials they are not as aesthetic as Celurock.

Arq. Jose Luis Bonilla

EGM Paisajimo

Celurock is fast and easy to install and is also versatile. If you need to take off the material, it is done without demolishing, unlike other materials. You can do whatever design you want,  geometric shapes or play with the colors of the gravel without mixing or messing up the design. My clients are very happy with the finish result given by using Celurock.

Arq. Lorena Iturralde Heyerdahl.


Gravel is a material that we use a lot in our designs. It is very good for places where grass does not grow or where you do not want to spend so much water in irrigation. Since we started using Celurock we recommend it to all our customers because it stabilizes the gravel and can be comfortably stepped on even in heels, which makes a great difference when it is installed.

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