Frequently Asked Questions

Is Celurock suitable for rough uses or extreme climates?

Yes, if properly instaled, Celrock can be used in light to medium transit areas and in extreme temperatures.

What about weeds, will they grow through the gravel?

No! The membrane material on the bottom of the panel does not allow weeds to pass through.


What is the maximum slope that can be used with Celurock?

No more than a slope of  20 ° to obtain the best results.


Can Celurock be self  installed?

Yes, Celurock can be self installed. Celurock is very easy to install you don´t need any special equipment. The only requirement is to follow the instruccions to prepare the ground, place the panels and place the gravel.

Do the panels wear out? Are they hard to replace?

If properly installed Celurock is very durable and does not wear out quickly. In fact it can last up to 10 years. In case of a natural disaster some pieces can be damaged and in this case, the panels can be easily replaced without having to affect the rest of the installed panels.

What type of gravel should I use?

Celurock can be installed whith any type of gravel, no matter the material as long as the diameter of the gravel is between 3/8 y 1/2 inches.


What steps to take when installing Celurock?

  • Remove natural soil and replace it with bench soil.

  • Compress Soil to 90%.

  • It is essential that you have a border around the perimeter to contain the material.

    • For the edges you can use a variety of products like stones, brick, wood, platisc, metal and concrete.

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